10 reasons to rely on ROTTER RECHTSANWÄLTE after a failed investment

  1. Guaranteed best results in 25 years: Since formation of ROTTER RECHTSANWÄLTE in 1998, all staff members and many other specialists working for us are committed to the objective of achieving sustainable gains for our clients, even in the most litigious cases of banking and capital market law. As evidenced by leading decisions of the highest courts we brought about, we were able to actually achieve this objective in numerous cases. We often succeed in closing advantageous out-of-court settlements that make costly court proceedings superfluous.

  2. Recognized leading law firm: Due to the successes achieved for our clients, we are one of the recognized leading German law firms for private and institutional investors and bank customers alike. This is to the benefit of our clients because, as a result, courts and defendants take our written submissions and oral pleadings very seriously. This enables us to bring about attractive settlements in favour of our clients.

  3. Leading in damages actions for incorrect information of capital markets and model proceedings: Since 2006, ROTTER RECHTSANWÄLTE have been selected and appointed under the Investor Model Proceedings Act by Higher Regional Courts as counsels for the model claimant in six damages actions for incorrect market information and are the leading law firm in Germany in this field. With eight leading decisions of the Federal Court of Justice and the European Court of Justice brought about by ROTTER RECHTSANWÄLTE in favour of investors in model proceedings for incorrect capital market information, we rank among the leading law firms in Germany with respect to this criterion as well.

  4. We know the traps and tricks of offered financial products: As a result of our having conducted several thousand actions for damages, we have acquired extensive background knowledge about financial products. Thus, we can effectively find out which financial products were burdened with so-called soft costs, margins, commissions, unfair termination rights or other parameters, and use such findings to enforce our clients' claims.

  5. A unique knowledge database on the misconduct of financial service providers: Following the principle that one should learn from mistakes, we have set up a knowledge and judgment database where the causes leading to liability cases are documented. Clients who entrust us with enforcing their claims greatly benefit from this "store of knowledge". So we know which incentive system or marketing methods are used by specific financial service providers and which disadvantages they mean for clients.

  6. Know-how in business administration and investment mathematics: Resolving complex cases under capital market law requires more than just analyzing the legal situation. Background knowledge in business administration and investment mathematics is absolutely necessary e.g. to assess annual accounts or structured financial products. Our lawyers can rely on both such internal expertise and competent cooperation partners – starting with the double qualification of our founding partner Klaus Rotter who studied not only law but also business administration, up to the experienced investment mathematicians and former investment bankers who are permanent members of our expert network.

  7. Litigation funding: We have been cooperating exclusively for more than seven years with the litigation funding company Advofin AG, Vienna ( Due to the successes achieved by ROTTER RECHTSANWÄLTE and their long-lasting and reliable cooperation with Advofin AG, a financing commitment from this company can be usually obtained at short notice and without much paperwork if we assess in an expert opinion that there are good chances for the claim to succeed. This litigation funding agreement makes sure that damaged investors will just have to pay Advofin's share in the award in case of success and need not throw good money after bad.

  8. Independence: As we only defend the interests of investors and bank customers we are actually independent, which allows us to exclusively act in our clients' interest, free from potential conflicts of interests. This is the reason why renowned private and institutional investors, including numerous large investment trusts, pension funds, insurance companies and foundations often entrust ROTTER RECHTSANWÄLTE with solving complex problems under banking and capital market law.

  9. Worldwide network: We are part of a worldwide network of law firms leading in their respective countries. Thus, we are founding partners of the international World Investor Lawyer Network (WIN). This enables us to defend our clients' interests in teamwork with our cooperation partners in all major jurisdictions of the world. As evidenced by many damage cases we could win, our clients benefit directly from such membership. Thus, in a case in which we represented several hundred investors, we could evidence with the help of our US colleagues that the defendant had actually known the issued market information to be incorrect: as a result, investors represented by ROTTER RECHTSANWÄLTE were awarded a generous compensation for their losses.

  10. Committed to the highest scientific standards: Our successes are also based on the high scientific standards to which we are committed, together with comprehensive knowledge of the legal business and many years of experience in court. Numerous scientific publications and public lectures with leading law scientists and judges at the Federal Court of Justice help us improve our expertise permanently, so that we can exploit the most recent developments in case law and jurisprudence to the benefit of our clients. In our scientific work, we take actively part in discussions on construction and interpretation of laws or judgments and consistently advocate investor-friendly legal opinions in the interest of our clients.