10 reasons to consult ROTTER RECHTSANWÄLTE before closing an investment deal

  1. 26 years of experience: For 26 years we have been advising large private and institutional investors before closing investment deals, when choosing an asset manager, and before entering into asset management contracts.

  2. Recognized leading law firm:  We are one of the leading German law firms for private and institutional investors and bank customers.

  3. Comprehensive knowledge of asset management contracts: We have been reviewing the contracts of all major asset managers in Germany for many years. Since 2008, our lawyers Bernd Jochem and Klaus Rotter have been members of the advisory board of Elite Reportredaktion (, where they elect every year the ten fairest asset management contracts out of roughly 50 in a sophisticated selection process. Such profound knowledge of asset management contracts enables us to agree on optimal contract conditions for our clients.

  4. We are responsible for the management of large assets: We do know how to manage large assets in a professional manner. Klaus Rotter, our founding partner, has been a member of the board of the Saxon lawyers' pension system since 2007 and is thus responsible for the best possible management of several hundred million Euros. By choosing a competent independent consultant, he could contribute to reducing the volatility of assets by consistent diversification, and nevertheless increase their return.

  5. We know the traps and tricks in offered financial products: As a result of our having conducted several thousand actions for damages, we have acquired extensive background knowledge about financial products. Thus we can prevent you from buying products that are burdened with so-called soft costs, margins, commissions or other parameters, to the detriment of your property.

  6. A unique knowledge database on misconduct of financial service providers: Following the principle that one should learn from mistakes, we have set up a knowledge and judgment database where the causes leading to liability cases are documented. Clients who consult us before investing benefit from this "store of knowledge", as we make sure that the contracts agreed with asset managers on the clients' behalf actually reflect their wishes.

  7. Independence: Since we only defend the interests of investors and bank customers, we are indeed independent. This independence allows us to exclusively act in our clients' interest – one of the reasons why renowned private and institutional investors entrust ROTTER RECHTSANWÄLTE.

  8. International partner network: Being a member of a worldwide network of cooperation partners, we can also advise you competently if you decide to invest in other European countries or outside Europe.

  9. We certify asset managers: We developed and laid down special checking criteria "Principles of asset management serving the customer's interests" for the German Institute for Protection of Property (Institut für Vermögensschutz GmbH). These checking criteria are the basis for the certification of asset managers who want to be awarded the certificate "Asset management consistently focussing on the customer's interests". When clients wish to rely on an asset manager, we make sure that before, when and after closing the asset management contract, these checking criteria are actually observed.

  10. Committed to the highest scientific standards: Numerous scientific publications and public lectures together with leading law scientists and judges at the Federal Court of Justice help us permanently to improve our expertise, so that we can use the most recent developments in case law and jurisprudence to the benefit of our clients.