Handbook of Law Firms in Germany 2014

Logo Kanzleien in Deutschland

“In the investor action against Daimler, Rotter Rechtsanwälte could again win a widely noticed pilot suit before the Federal Court of Justice and demonstrate their outstanding expertise.”

“Due to numerous proceedings conducted successfully before the Federal Court of Justice and the European Court of Justice, the Munich law firm has become a leading counsel for model claimants in actions under investment law.”

“Rotter Rechtsanwälte are currently demonstrating their expertise in the complex field of investment law by advising a New York investment fund company in its conversion from consultant to outsourcing contracts, which requires much tact in balancing the interests of the investment company against the interests of its clients.”

(Handbook of Law Firms in Germany, 15th edition 2014). For further information, please refer to the Internet sites of German law firms.