Areas of Activity

ROTTER RECHTSANWÄLTE have further specialized within the field of banking and capital market law to focus on a few, selected special issues. Therefore, our lawyers rank among the leading experts in their specialty. Combined with their distinctive sense of quality, uncompromising commitment, and a deep understanding of business issues, they offer high-quality and innovative consultation and representation in lawsuits in the following special areas:

Banking law

Loan securing
Processing fees
Instructions on the client’s right of revocation

Investment law

Bonds, in particular government and SME bonds
Liability of investment consultants and brokers
Supervision of directors
Stock exchange law
Incorrect information of capital markets (national/international)
Financial futures
Company law
Closed-end funds
Liability of consultants
Investment fraud
Capital market issues of company law
Capital market issues of insolvency law
Liability for statements in issuing prospectuses
Commission agency
Special funds
Securities transactions
Bond law
Arbitral proceedings
Foundations and investments of foundations
Asset management contract consultancy
Liability of asset managers
Securities trade law